Our Work

We invest into communities in Charlotte by earning trust, becoming family, and creating a consistent loving environment. We’ve experienced that change only happens when you create it with people, not for them. We believe in the beauty that already exists in these neighborhoods that are often forgotten and overlooked. Our priority is always building relationships first, and then we put an emphasis on programs.

Our Conviction

Often we enter into lives that are messy, families that are messy, and we battle against years of cycles that often dominate the stories of these beautiful families. To create change we must dive into the mess with them to give oneness, consistency and love, only then can change occur. The most important measurable to us is earning trust and becoming family, as we then have a voice and can be a bridge to proper resources to help change the narratives of people who are so worthy of a beautiful story.

Our Approach

We partner with vulnerable neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC by earning trust, being consistent and creating a loving environment. Families need mediators and kids need mentors, we fill those needs by holding 75% of our programs in the communities we partner with. Our volunteer mentors play a huge role in building deep and meaningful relationships with families in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to expand our programs into more neighborhoods in Charlotte and help lead a movement of change that destroys the negative narratives that are so prevalent.

  • Choose a location
  • Earn Trust
  • Implement programs and locate partners
  • Identify leaders from community
  • Be consistent

Our Programs

Our programs focus on building deep meaningful connections with the communities we partner with. Each program has 5 strategic lessons that we focus on: #1 Receiving the Love of God #2 Self Love #3 Loving our Neighbor #4 Work Ethic and #5 Financial Literacy. We believe these five focuses will help alleviate poverty and give kids an opportunity to change the narrative of their lives.

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Stories Snapshot

Doral McHam

Meet Doral McHam. Doral is 20 years old and is a resident of Charlotte, NC. Doral has 3 brothers and was raised by his mother, Keesha. Doral grew up loving sports and playing with his brothers and friends in his neighborhood. He wanted to be

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