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Our conviction at Neighborhood Hope is that sustainable change happens from within a community and is sustained by the community.

Our goal is to become family, build relationships and listen to each of our communities, as the needs of each community are different. We carefully and respectfully cultivate a relationship with community. Once trust is earned we await an invitation from the community to be invited in as a bridge to resources. At Neighborhood Hope we consider this to be an honor.

Once needs are discovered we form programs around those needs to further relationships and community growth. We do find value in exposing kids to experiences outside the neighborhood, yet our core conviction is to grow programs within the community.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, we want to be a part of the village.

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We invite you to be a part of the solution in changing the narrative in these
beautiful communities. Read stories from our volunteers and staff.

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Choosing a Neighborhood

Neighborhood Hope is a neighborhood based organization – meaning we focus our efforts on specific communities in Charlotte. In 2012 we began working in the Wallace Woods Community in East Charlotte, owned and operated by INLIVIAN (formerly known as The Charlotte Housing Authority). As we began working in the community INLIVIAN began to notice our work and a partnership formed. In 2019 we adopted our 2nd neighborhood in East Charlotte called Meadow Oaks (also an INLIVIAN property).

As our strategy and partnerships grow we look to expand our model to more neighborhoods on the east side of Charlotte. Our first requirement for a new neighborhood is location, as currently we are focusing our efforts to the east side of Charlotte. Our mission is to impact East Charlotte first, then expand to other areas of town.  Although we partner with INLIVIAN we are not tied to their specific communities. Please reach out to us if you are interested in bringing our model to your community.

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We invite you to join our awesome community of monthly givers and bring hope to neighborhoods in Charlotte.