We believe circumstances should never determine altitude. Each kid involved in our organization has a different story and will take a different path. Having mentors, tutors and tradesmen to walk along side them, will help shape that path and further their careers. At Neighborhood Hope provide support and guidance for families and kids in our neighborhoods so that worth and purpose can be found in the work that they choose. A job, learning a trade, and discovering a career can change everything.

What We Do

The Options program launched in 2019 as we discovered a need for academic assistance, career counseling, and furthering the importance of work ethic. We are currently looking for tutors, mentors, and influencers who can connect us with local businesses in the Charlotte area.

We are seeking partnerships with trade schools, local businesses who are willing to hire and train people in our community, and business mentors who can teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy.


Every Monday & Wednesday

East City Church
6850 Monroe Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205