Why Mentoring?

There are 46 million young people, aged 8-18, living in America. 16 million of
them are growing up without a mentor.

IN THE CITY OF CHARLOTTE, Not even 1 out of 10 people in the city of
Charlotte, who start in poverty, will ever escape it.

Community Mentoring Changes Everything

At Neighborhood Hope we believe in the power of doing life together.  By holding 75% of our programs in the community, we are able to create change with the people inside of their own neighborhood.


Every child deserves to be loved unconditionally. Regardless of their past or where they grow up, love is the one thing that can change everything in their life.


So many kids have been let down with empty promises, in our communities consistency is the key to earning trust. At Neighborhood Hope we know it’s vital to follow through with everything that we promise. Once trust is earned we can become a bridge to adequate resources that ensures growth and development.


Time=Love. Every parent can attest that good parenting starts with being available. When you spend time with kids you are able to capture teachable moments, we call this life on life. When we begin to “do life” with kids we find opportunities to learn from each other, which leads to growth and maturity.


We find that doing life in the context of community is better for both our neighborhoods and our mentors. The ability to be together and learn culture is so important to the success of our mission and to the success of our community.

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