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March, 29, 2021
Take Me Back

I grew up in the 80’s/90’s… yes before cell phones, OMG what did we even do with ourselves? WE…

March, 18, 2021
One Year

As the one year anniversary of Covid is upon us I can’t help but reflect on how this…

February, 19, 2021
Real Men Don’t Cry

This one is for the fellas out there; ladies feel free to stick around but I’m talking to…

February, 15, 2021
A New Start

It’s my turn to write a blog, and guess what?  I don’t really know what to say.  Its…

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Luke Nzuzi

Luke Nzuzi, 20, a graduate of East Mecklenburg High School, has been involved with the Basketball program since 2013. On Wednesday nights you can usually catch him joking around or wrestling with someone. He has been a part of the many changes that the program

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