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January, 21, 2021
You Get to Choose

Every day you wake up, you are given a great and precious gift, LIFE! My question to you…

January, 13, 2021
Mr. Prez

I’ve been watching The Wire, a popular fictional HBO show from the mid 2000’s that depicts the struggles…

January, 4, 2021
Whew. What a year.

Whew. What a year. 2020 has been one of the “oddest” years many of us have ever experienced.…

December, 10, 2020
Growth is Subjective

Growth is subjective. Some of us will skyrocket, some of us will have a slow grind. Both are…

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Luke Nzuzi

Luke Nzuzi, 20, a graduate of East Mecklenburg High School, has been involved with the Basketball program since 2013. On Wednesday nights you can usually catch him joking around or wrestling with someone. He has been a part of the many changes that the program

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