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July, 14, 2020
Someone to Believe In

When I was a little girl, I had dreams of becoming a brain surgeon and finding the cure…

June, 11, 2020
I will Never Understand

8 minutes 46 seconds. Handcuffed, begging, pleading, calling out to his deceased mother. A life was taken, for…

May, 21, 2020
Come Close

I want to take a moment as a white man who has worked in black communities for the…

May, 7, 2020
My Heart Breaks

My heart breaks because of the fact that I work with kids everyday whose future has already been…

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Luke Nzuzi

Luke Nzuzi, 20, a graduate of East Mecklenburg High School, has been involved with the Basketball program since 2013. On Wednesday nights you can usually catch him joking around or wrestling with someone. He has been a part of the many changes that the program

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