Neighborhood Initiative

The NI is a program that expresses the heart behind Neighborhood Hope. We believe doing life on life is vital to a kid’s success and impacts every area of life. Our conviction is that true change happens when we do life in the Neighborhoods. NI is a great environment to further our oneness with the community, teach volunteers about the culture, and cultivate mentoring relationships

What We Do

The NI program creates a very inviting environment for volunteers and kids to connect in the context of community. We engage in free time (basketball, jump rope, tag), break into small groups, and share meals together each week. Small groups are essential to our strategy of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships and forming more volunteer mentors. Lessons are crafted every week that focus on our values for each program: #1 Receiving the Love of God #2 Self Love #3 Loving Others #4 Work Ethic and #5 Financial Literacy.


Second Tuesday
Wallace Woods Apartments
7120 Wallace Road
Charlotte, NC 28212
Fourth Tuesday
Meadow Oaks Apartments
6011 Florence Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28212
6pm – 8pm