January 21, 2021 | By tj

You Get to Choose

Every day you wake up, you are given a great and precious gift, LIFE! My question to you is, what will you do with that gift? Regardless of what happened yesterday, your past mistakes, or even who is in the Oval Office, you choose your attitude. Who are you allowing to control your thoughts? Is it news? Is it media? Is it Instagram? Right now, there is a God in heaven who loves you. He woke you up this morning, allowed breath to flow through your lungs today. What will you do with it?

We do not have to live as a slave to this world. We do not have to be tossed around with every post, every attack, or every article. We get the choice every day, to maintain a posture of thankfulness, gratitude, and love. To be tossed around with the world is to be controlled by the world…but again, it is your choice.

One day when you’re close to your last breath, what do you want your life to be about? Now THATS A HEAVY QUESTION!!! For me, I want to grow closer and closer to God, and I want to take the love that he has given me and give it to everyone I come into contact with. I want to be a better husband, a great father, and I want to be more of a man of faith in the latter part of my life than I was in my first 38 years.

When I’m on my deathbed, I won’t think about the next Netflix show I wanted to watch, or the fact that I wanted a bigger house, or that I needed to get the next best car…..I’ll only think about how I impacted the world for Jesus, and how I was moved by the people surrounding my bed. That’s it.

In a world where our nation has been turned upside down with division and hate, YOU My friend, get to choose life. So today, choose gratitude. Find what truly matters and go after it. Pray more, forgive more, love harder, and choose LIFE TODAY.