Zeriah Hemphill


This is beautiful Zeriah Hemphill who is a sophomore at East Mecklenburg High School. Whenever I see Zeriah, I am reminded of a strong, bold woman who doesn’t hesitate to speak up for what she believes in and to love fiercely like her. Zeriah has been a part of Neighborhood Hope for about 5 years and says through Neighborhood Hope she has learned that, “not everything needs a reaction from you. That’s why I am more mature now because I have learned that you have to let people get to you and I have chosen to ignore people that don’t want the best for me. I have something I really want to do with my life, and I have learned that if I work hard and don’t get involved in the drama I am going to really make something of myself.” Zeriah dreams of possibly going to law or cosmetology school and says, “when I get my first job, the first thing I want to do is save up enough money to buy my own car.”

Zeriah’s biggest struggle right now that she is overcoming is making the most of watching her 4 siblings every day for her mom so that her mom can go to work. She says that she can’t really do much outside of the house, but despite that she is learning work ethic and how to be more mature. Zeriah loves to serve her mom this way because of how hard her mom works for their family.

Zeriah’s favorite thing about Neighborhood Hope is spending time with the volunteers that she feels most connected with. She says that, “even though we all have our own lives, it is just nice to spend time with you all.