Jordan Dunson


“Jordan is an amazing man who has overcome his share of obstacles. Jordan lives with his beautiful mother, and takes pride in loving and taking care of her. If you know Jordan, you know he is kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and he has the best dreads in the history of the world. Jordan knows first hand the struggles of growing up in a single parent household and wants to be a mentor to others who are like him.

Jordan began attending Neighborhood Hope early in his high school days as he would come to the Wednesday night program to eat pizza, hang out, and learn about God. Jordan learned a lot of lessons during those nights, but the biggest was learning that God loved and accepted him RIGHT WHERE HE WAS. To feel accepted and to feel like God delighted in walking with you and being patient with you made Jordan feel loved.

Jordan says that Josh Meadows was an inspiration to him at Neighborhood Hope. Josh and Jordan would spend time going to church together, shooting hoops, and hanging out. Josh eventually saw leadership potential in Jordan and Jordan began mentoring some of the younger kids. God often shows his love tangibly to people, through people.

Jordan says Neighborhood Hope has pushed him to God in many ways, and says that often times people make God out to be boring and lame, yet the volunteers and staff at Neighborhood Hope showcased God to be a beautiful adventure. Jordan feels called to usher in dignity and worth to young black males, to show people how beautiful and creative they are, to help change the often preconceived narratives that exist.

Some fun facts about Jordan: He says Josh and Jenny Meadows are some of the coolest people he has ever met (btw Josh is writing this), he is also a youth leader at his church, he thinks that he has the coolest hair in the history of the world and should totally be a hair model, and Jordan happens to be off the charts when it comes to his style and swag.

God bless you Jordan, We believe in you and will continue to walk with you and help open doors.”