Doral McHam


Meet Doral McHam. Doral is 20 years old and is a resident of Charlotte, NC. Doral has 3 brothers and was raised by his mother, Keesha. Doral grew up loving sports and playing with his brothers and friends in his neighborhood. He wanted to be a pro football player and admired Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers. Doral was called “Preacher Boy” as he used to walk around carrying a Bible. Like many young kids who grow up in Charlotte, his dreams as a child got suffocated by the struggle of not having his father around.

Doral was not able to graduate high school, but was able to get his High School Diploma while he spent time in a prison cell. Doral got locked up after making some bad choices, but he didn’t let jail define him. While spending time in a lonely cell, Doral turned to God, began reading the bible and decided jail wasn’t for him, he wanted to be different. Not only did he want to break generational cycles, but he wanted to lend a hand to other young black men who would be enticed by living a life of crime and violence.

When Doral got out of jail, he changed his influences and began working immediately. Currently, Doral is working for a local landscaping company, and has started his own landscaping company on the side to build up clients. Doral has started an organization called “Grab a brother before he falls” in hopes of catching young men BEFORE they get locked up.

Doral has been a part of the Neighborhood Hope family for almost 8 years, and is currently being mentored by Josh Meadows. Doral and Josh talk about business, family, and faith. Doral is also a brand new father to a beautiful baby girl. Doral plans to live his life making a difference and using his pain for a purpose.