March 18, 2021 | By tj

One Year

As the one year anniversary of Covid is upon us I can’t help but reflect on how this year has changed us. I know this is probably the most trending topic in every blog during this time, but I want to give my two cents on the topic. We have never been through something like this, the whole world shut down, there is not a person that hasn’t been effected by this virus. Life has been forever changed as a result of this virus, the U.S. has lost over half a million lives and counting, students have spent half their school year in virtual learning settings, a majority of meetings are taking place via zoom. While this virus has taken so much from us, it has also shown us what is really worth hanging onto.

Think about all the relationships that were able to be repaired, built upon, and grown during this time. The couple that was forced to be together for weeks, no where to go, no one to see, just the two of them. You will learn a LOT about someone if you spend two straight weeks with them, but you also learn a lot about yourself. Or the parents who got to spend countless days with their kids as they did school from home, spending time where they would regularly be apart, together, building that bond. The parents that sent their youngest off to college, getting to spend some extra time with their baby. The family that was struggling, running around everywhere, sometimes slowing down to eat dinner together forced to spend time with each other, playing games, learning how to bake bread, and how to appreciate each other’s presence.

This year has taken a lot from us, a lot of very serious things, but even our trivial comforts from our everyday lives have been changed. We can choose to focus on what this year has taken from us, OR what is showed us was worth holding onto. So, once again a year later I ask you to take a pause from your regular life and take stock of what this last year has looked like for you. What did you lose? What did you gain? Who are you now? Pain brings growth, we have all learned something in the last year. Lets continue to learn from life moving forward.