December 10, 2020 | By tj

Growth is Subjective

Growth is subjective.

Some of us will skyrocket, some of us will have a slow grind. Both are growing.

We are given benchmarks in life to show growth. Job that pays x amount of dollars by this age, married by this age, homeowner by this age, retirement account at x amount, or my personal favorite have all your life figured out and know exactly how everything is going to go by 30.

There is no one way to grow or to show growth.

We all did not lose our first tooth at the same age, we all did not get the same grade on our spelling tests, but we were growing.

Growth is a personal journey; we know ourselves better than any other human on this planet. We know that phone call we got about a second interview is a huge step forward for us or that stopping for fast food was a big setback.

Our growth should be measured by no one else except ourselves. Yes, there will be standards in work, in life that people will hold you to, but your personal growth is just that your personal growth.

We must move away from comparing where we are to where others are. There will be someone who has more money, there will be someone who manages life better, there will be someone who has better grades, there will be someone who has more skill, there will be someone who gets the promotion after 6 months, there will always be someone.

But we choose how we see our growth.

At the end of the day…

Growth is Growth.