October 22, 2020 | By tj

God will bless in the mess. 

One of the things that I love about Jesus, is that he never avoided messy people or messy situations. He didn’t just hang out with people who are like-minded with him, he found beauty in the midst of messy people and messy situations. Remember the verse in the Bible that says that Jesus did not come for those who thought they were healthy, he came to be a doctor to those who are sick and broken and messed up. One of the reasons that I personally love the gospel, which by the way means good news, it’s because Jesus came and entered into my mess when I least deserved it and when I was least worthy of being loved. To me, that is what perfect love is all about, it’s putting aside our agenda and the fact that we will be inconvenienced for a greater beauty, for a greater good.


A lot of times we tend to run from messy situations and messy people and messy lives. Just remember that Jesus ran to, but we often run from. Take some time today to reflect on the fact that Jesus loves messy people in messy situations. Let’s try our best to follow him and change our mindset that it is indeed an honor to enter into the mess.


-Josh Meadows